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The BET careers service aims to help schools, the college, Higher Education and businesses work in partnership to extend the curriculum and increase the range and quality of learning opportunities for students. This reflects the BET ethos of ‘partnerships for excellence’ and our aim that all students leave education with the knowledge, skills and attributes for employability.
The service, which enables our schools and college to comply with statutory requirements, includes suitably qualified careers advisers who offer an impartial service and ensure the best possible advice is given to each individual student. They have access to up-to-date information about local and national education and training options. Our advisers are members of the Career Development Institute (CDI), the professional body for people working in careers.
BET careers advisers are:


Female Engineers

Some female engineers from the Bath area have told us about their experiences of work and study. They all say they are enjoying the variety of work they do, how they need to be good at problem solving but also have to be creative and how good teamworking is essential.
As an engineer, you could find yourself designing a bridge, making an important safety device that keeps an aeroplane flying, or even helping to plan and set up a system to get fresh water to a remote village in the Third World.
"Engineering is a very fulfilling career; there is nothing more satisfying than creating something that does something! You can see how much of a difference your work makes."
Females are still in the minority, but that can sometimes be an advantage:
"It’s good to challenge the misconception that boys are better at engineering.  Girls are often in a minority on an engineering course, so it is easier to stand out and bring something different to the group work. This also applies when trying to get a job".
Take a look at what these women have told us:

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